Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enhancing Memory with PhotoEyeplay Imaging


      Selama nie aku dok pelik la dengan sorang forumer yg suka upload file Photo Eyeplay nih tp tak penah pun aku tanya ape function nyer. So ari nih baru aku tau pekebondo function nye, maleh nak translit so aku copy jer lah dari email yer...

Hello, Wahee.

We hope that you are having a great day!

We received a question recently from Betsy, a medical student from
Georgia, USA.


"I see in the Wink, Step 3: PhotoEyeplay, there are both cards
and a DVD available. What is the difference between them? I'd like
to use them to help prepare for my 8-hour medical exams. Should I
get the cards or the DVD?"


They both enhance everyday memory, and both can be used before
learning or studying.

PhotoEyeplay DVD activates the rods and cones within the eye
through passive viewing of flashing images.

The PhotoEyeplay cards is an actual exercise. The cards teach
a photographic after-imaging process where the eyes are trained
to see an objects negative image, it's "after-image," eventually
turning it into its positive image -- a vital step in photographic

The best way that I can describe the difference between the
two activities is that the DVD viewing is passive -- like listening
to music. The card activity is more active in nature -- like doing
a crossword puzzle.

The benefits are the same. The cards give you more left-brain
feedback as to which color cones are weak, which ones are strong,
etc., so that you can focus your after-imaging practice to
specific color hues -- to strengthen each eye.

In this case, we would use the PhotoEyeplay DVD before studying,
as a relaxation tool. Because of the amount of eye strain that
can occur during intense studying, we would not recommend using
the cards. They exercise the rods and cones to the point where
it feels like you've done a work-out -- regularly that is fine,
but not if you are continually reading and scanning on a schedule
like yours. Take care of your eyes.

Use the DVD before your study periods to help you go into a relaxed,
meditative, photographic state. It will help increase your intake
and recall.

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